Stretch With Ashlea

I Guide Postpartum Moms and Beyond To Refocus On Safe Movement,

Release Pain + Mental Strain, and Regain Lasting Mobility and Comfort.

Stretching and You

“Because our body feels so different in the weeks, months, and even years after having a baby, we need to connect with our bodies in these changes. Instead of demanding that our body perform, behave, or act like it used to, we must listen to our new body and what her new needs are.”

– Kimberly Ann Johnson

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Low back pain after delivery and beyond is common. You’re not alone. You deserve to feel comfortable!

You’re having trouble sleeping at night due to low back pain, sciatica, and upper back pain. Therefore, you’re tired during the day while trying to care for your little one or take care of your day-to-day tasks because you didn’t sleep the night before.  It’s a whole cycle!  It hurts to bend over and play with your baby on the floor.  You have difficulties maintaining proper posture especially during feedings, pushing your baby in a stroller, and holding your baby while standing.

Your body has gone through so much during pregnancy, delivery, and post pregnancy that you just want to feel like YOU and feel comfortable in your own skin.  Having postpartum pain can last a couple months up to a TWO years after delivery and beyond. 

Stretch With Ashlea is focused on rejuvenating low back tightness for postpartum and beyond, but also encompasses an all over body stretch. By following and performing the stretches in the program, it will allow for a more flexible and active lifestyle.  


Total Flexibility

Flexibility for on the go, online, at home, anytime. Flexibility to revive mobility early on and not having to wait to be cleared for formal exercises. 


Connect in an online private group and join other postpartum moms and beyond. Create close-knit bonds, ask for advice, share stories, and be there for one another.

Increased Mood

Stretching releases endorphins, endorphins make you happy, happy people have more fun, more confidence, and are more fulfilled. 

“Postpartum is a quest back to yourself. Alone in your body again. You will never be the same. You are stronger than you were.”

– Amethyst Joy



A few days after giving birth if you feel up to it and as long as you are performing gentle stretching and not going too wide or drastic.  However, if you are having pain, DO NOT stretch that day.

You need to wait at least six (6) weeks before performing any stretching.  Waiting to be cleared by your doctor is recommended.

Yes, as long as you feel up to it and do gentle stretches in the beginning. Waiting at least three (3) weeks after delivery is recommended.

Yes, but you need to be more aware of your body limitations due to the relaxin hormone present in your body.

You really don’t need much equipment:

  • Yoga mat (even if you are stretching on carpet.  The mat will help keep you from slipping) (PRODUCT LINK PAGE)
  • Supportive shoes during the standing stretches.  (helps you with stability)
  • Stretch strap (to get those good deep stretches) (SEE PRODUCT PAGE LINK)
  • Pool noodle.
  • Chair for modifying some of the stretches if needed.
  • Towel (to use as neck or lumbar support if needed)


Anywhere!  That is up to you.  As long as you have enough room to stand up, lie down flat with about 3 feet on each side.

Just let me know and we can get you rescheduled for another day/time for that specific week.

Always consult with your primary care physician prior to starting the stretching program.  If you are signed up for a VIP session, make sure to put the health concerns on the intake form.